, headquartered in Athens and founded in 1919, has a long-lasting tradition of exceptional experience and expertise in representing in Greece well-known major European industries, which offer industrial equipment and raw materials for ceramic and glass works. Furthermore, the representation of European enterprises belonging to the bookbinding and the graphic arts field is also one of the various sectors in which DEKA has a strong competitive advantage in the domestic market.

During the last four decades the company has been efficiently led by the three Karapanos brothers (Efstathios, Dimitrios and Georgios) who, due to their excellent linguistic skills, their social warmth and the deep knowledge of their field, distinguished themselves in bringing European producers in contact with the Greek customers, being of invaluable service to them and establishing a business relationship based in mutual confidence and understanding. The number of the company's satisfied customers (more than 200) speaks for itself.

2000 was a year-landmark for the company: George -Dimitrios' son- holding a BA (Economics) and an MBA degree in Finance (City University Business School) officially joined DEKA as a co-owner, infusing new blood into the company’s existing activities and smoothly integrating the knowledge and experience of the senior members with the spirit of rejuvenation as well as the strong academic background of the new generation. George’s contribution to the expansion of DEKA’s business in a challenging macro- and microeconomic environment during the last decade has been considered as of crucial importance.

Since the beginning of 2009 George D. Karapanos is the sole owner and director of DEKA - G. D. KARAPANOS company. It is more than certain that DEKA, enjoying an excellent reputation in the Greek market for almost 90 years, will continue to demonstrate an outstanding performance regarding the representation of the above-mentioned highly esteemed European industries in the most efficient and advantageous way.